Baseball & SoftBall House League Registration

Rep Try Out Registration

How the Rep try-out process works




Roster Offers


Acceptance & Registration


Coach & Manager Contact

Eligible Players register for their respective age group try-outs

Registered players attend the try-outs and demonstrate their baseball skills and knowledge

Dependent on the size of the group and skill level of the players multiple try-outs will be held.

As they progress groups of players will be cut from the try-out, asked to continue to the next try-out or offered positions.

Players having met the criteria to play on a respective team will receive an email letter of offer.  PLayers will have a fixed amount of time to consider and accept or reject the offer.

Acceptance is completed through the registration process and payment of league fees.  A rejection is usually an email back to us.

Each teams Coach or Manager will reach out to the player and their family directly.

They will provide a summary of the season ahead and future team meetings.