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When making up the teams for House League we must ensure that we meet our league objectives:

  • To provide a fun experience for all participants at every age level.
  • To create an environment of competitive T-ball/baseball/softball that every player can enjoy.
  • To provide guidance to coaching staff that will assist them in teaching the fundamentals of the game.
  • To make our House League as enjoyable as possible so that every player will return, year after year.

One of the Convenor's most important duties is to fairly divide the available talent, for the division that they represent, to ensure that we have an equal and competitive level of play. If a team does not win a game, or goes undefeated, we have not been successful.

With these objectives in mind the following process is recommended:


In the first week of April, the Convenor will select 3 or 4 assistants (the group) who are familiar with the players in that division. This group will assist the Convenor in holding a mass practise to rate the player’s ability.

Before the mass practise begins, you will sign in and the following information will be recorded;

  • Is the player a 1st or 2nd year player?
  •  Are you requesting to move up or down from their normally designated age group?
  • Is this his/her first year playing baseball?
  • Have they previously played on an all-star or select team? These players are to be dispersed evenly among all teams.
  • Did he/she play Pitcher or Catcher last season?

During the mass practise, all players will be rated on specific aspects of the game and given an overall rating.

After the mass practise, the group will review the ratings and make necessary adjustments.

The group will identify the players who asked to move up or down and decide if it is the right change for the player. The group will contact these families to let them know the age group that is best suited for him/her to play in. Once the Draft is complete, there will be NO moving players around.


The Convenor will do the following independently before draft day or with the coaches on the day of the draft;

1.    Review and compile all of the registration/rating information.

2.    Divide the talent equally amongst the appropriate number of teams by using the following draft system based on an 8 team division as an example;

  • Take the top rated pitchers and select one on each of the eight teams, starting at Team #1. The highest rated pitcher goes to Team #1, the next best pitcher to Team #2 and so on down to #8. If a 2nd year pitcher and 1st year pitcher are rated the same, it should be assumed that the 2nd year pitcher is rated higher.
  • · Make sure that each team gets a 2nd pitcher, starting at Team #8 and going up, using the ratings to try and balance each team at this position. Start with the 9th best pitcher going to Team #8, the 10th to Team #7, etc. All the teams should be roughly equal when you add the pitchers ratings together and compare each team.
  • Take the top rated catchers and put one on each team, starting at Team #8. Giving the strongest catcher to the team with the weakest pitcher will help in balancing the teams. If a 2nd year catcher and 1st year catcher are rated the same, it should be assumed that the 2nd year catcher is rated higher.
  • If possible, each team gets a 2nd catcher, starting at Team #1 and going down, using the ratings to try and balance each team. Start with the 9th best catcher going to Team #1, the 10th going to Team #2, etc.
  • All of the teams should be roughly equal when comparing the total rating after each team has 2 pitchers and 2 catchers.
  • Now take the all the other registrations, which are not pitchers and catchers. Start with Team # 8 and give them the first pick, Team #7 gets the next highest rated player, Team #6 the next and so on. When you have added one player to each of the 8 teams you would start with the next highest rated player, starting at Team #1 and work back down.
  • You should ensure that each team gets an equal number of second and first year players by drafting separately by age.
  • Assign coaches to their child’s team. If you happen to have 2 coaches assigned to one team, move the players around so that each coach has their own team, keeping the teams as equal as possible.

The following steps are taken by the Convenor with the coaches (no assistants);

1.    The group will review the relative strength of each team at all positions and move players around to make the teams as equal as possible…. taking into account any special requests that have a compelling reason.

2.    The group must obtain 100% agreement from all coaches before moving forward.

3.    Once the teams are finalized, sponsors are assigned and the coaches can decide who their Assistant coaches will be.

Once the Draft is complete, there will be NO moving players around.

The Convenor will take any late registrations and add them into the teams as required. They do not need to meet with the group for rating purposes unless they feel it is required.

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