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The following rules apply specifically to the Rookie Ball Division in addition to the Little League rule book.

Revised May 2, 2016

1.1. A circle: An appropriate sized circle with the centre being 40 feet from home plate, will surround the pitching machine. (Hereafter referred to as "machine")

1.2 A Bucket of balls will be placed at the pitching machine for the pitching coach, a 2nd bucket will be placed behind home plate, the pitched balls will be placed in the 2nd bucket, then the coaches will switch buckets when needed.

1.3 If a batted ball hits the machine, or rolls to a stop in the circle, the ball is dead; the batter is awarded first base and any base runner is moved who is forced to advance by the batter being awarded first base. If the ball directly hits the machine only forced runners advance. If the ball is impeded in the circle (i.e. pitcher touches and stops the ball) all runners advance 1 base.

Note 1: If the ball goes through the circle without touching, the machine, coach, or bucket, than it is a live ball, and is played normally.

Note 2: The circle includes the chalk that creates the circle. If a fielder plays the ball on the chalk line than the ball shall be deemed a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base, all other runners advance 1 base.

Note 3: On Infield hits, defensive players are not permitted to run into the circle. Penalty: All advance 1 base. On outfield hits, defensive players are not permitted to run in the circle- No Penalty

1.4 The pitcher must stand beside or behind the machine or in line with the pitcher's plate (rubber), with one foot on the chalk line around the machine, OR in the event of no chalk line, with one foot on the pitcher's mound dirt. The pitcher must not enter the circle surrounding the machine. The coach using the pitching machine is considered a part of the Pitching Machine.

1.5 Each batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches. If the batter does not hit a fair ball within five pitches, he will be declared out. If the final pitch is a FOUL ball, then the batter gets one more pitch until he either strikes out or hits the ball fair. A Pitch is a ball that falls within the strikezone and is a hittable ball.

1.6 A pitch which is over the batter's head or bounces in the dirt will be ruled a no pitch unless the batter swings at the pitch.

1.7 Batter's cannot obtain a base on balls or by getting hit by the pitch.

Rookie Ball Play:

2.1 All players present shall be listed on the team's batting line-up and shall bat in that order. Any late arrivals shall be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

Since every player is listed in the batting order, if a player cannot continue due to unavoidable circumstances that player will be removed from the batting order and the team will continue to the next batter. If a player is removed from the game but is then able to return he/she will go back into the batting order in the position they were originally placed. After the game begins, changes or additions to this line-up must be made before the umpire calls "Play" for the first batter at the beginning of an inning, except in the case of injury or sickness. All line-up changes must be reported to the plate umpire, the scorekeeper and the opposing manager.

2.2 Bunting is not permitted (Penalty - batter is out).

2.3 Stealing is not permitted.

2.4 The runners are not permitted to lead off their base until the batter has made contact with the ball. This is a delayed call, outs stand, play is reset upon a lead off.

2.5 Base runners may only advance on a ball which is hit in fair territory. Base runners may not advance on a passed ball or a pitched ball returned to the pitcher by the catcher.

In the event a throw to any base or home plate results in an overthrow the runners will be permitted to advance at their own risk, but not more than one base. Runners will advance a single base on an overthrow. (For example: the ball is hit and while the runner is advancing to 1st the ball is overthrown at 1st base the runner may continue to try to get to 2nd. While the runner is approaching 2nd base, the defending team then overthrows 2nd base the umpire will call time and the runner will be awarded 2nd base. Any other runners that happen to be on base will also be awarded the base they were advancing to). *this rule was developed to teach the proper plays in baseball while taking skill level into consideration. This will avoid children “throwing the ball around” and coaches being overly aggressive on the bases. If the ball leaves the playing field or goes out of play. Baseball rules apply.

2.6 Play is declared over when:

a) The Pitcher has possession of the ball on the infield grass. On T-Ball and other dirt infield diamonds, the infield grass area will be defined as the area between the pitching machine the straight baselines between 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd. The umpire will point this out during ground rules, however if no chalk line is drawn, or it becomes erased during the course of the game, this becomes a judgement call.

b) The umpire rules that there was a natural conclusion to the play.

2.7 A maximum of 4 runs per team per inning is allowed except the 6th inning which is an “open” inning. In the open inning each team can score as many runs as possible.

2.8 An inning will end when three outs are made.

2.9 The infield fly rule does not apply.

2.10 All catchers are required to wear full catcher's equipment during the game and during warm-ups. Use of a catcher's mitt is highly recommended. (Refer to Rule 1.12 for Little League)

2.11 All Catchers must be in the proper catcher’s position as per SOBA rule changes in 2007.

2.12 The pitcher MUST wear a pitcher’s helmet that has a face shield on it.

2.13 Regulation game is 6 innings in length. If the score is tied after six innings then it will declared a tie. If time permits (1 hr 45 min curfew), an extra inning is permitted.

During playoffs, the game will be played until there is a winner.
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