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HDBA Interlock House League 2007 Rules

These rules govern HDBA House League Season, Tournament and City Championship games subject to any additional specific rules set out for tournaments and City Championships.

a)Rosters for house league teams must be submitted to the HDBA Registrar by no later than June 1st, 2007 for any team to be eligible to play in the Mid-Summer Classic or the City Championships.

2. The Rules of Baseball and Ontario Baseball Association rules shall apply except where modified by these rules.

3. The interpretation and application of these rules shall apply as follows:
a)For Tournament Play:

i) At the time of an umpires ruling and before the next ensuing play has begun, the coach of an affected team may verbally request of the tournament convener an interpretation of these rules and/or appeal the ruling of an umpire related to these rules, and

ii) The tournament convener shall render an interpretation immediately following the request; and

iii) The tournament convener’s decision may be appealed to the tournament protest committee, consisting of designated by the tournament convener, who shall review the appeal and render a decision immediately during which the affected team received a tournament convener’s interpretation of these rules; and

iv) Any interpretation shall take effect at the time of appeal.

b) Protests shall not be made during season series play.

c) Protests may be made during tournament and City Championship series play.

4.1 To promote, as far as possible, fair and equal playing time for each player, the following shall apply:

a)Overage players (1 year only) shall not play the position of pitcher or catcher; and

(The coach must inform the opposing team who are overage players)

b) All players appearing and able to play at any game shall be included in the batting line-up; and

c) An open re-entry rule shall be used each inning defined by the following:

i) Players on the bench for any inning shall be on the field for the next ensuing inning; and

ii) No player shall sit out a second inning if any other player has not already sat out an inning and it shall follow that no player shall sit out a third inning if any other player has not already sat out two innings, and so on subject to game completion; and

4.2 Substitute pitchers during a defensive inning must come from the field.

a) Players may play in the pitching position their entire allotment of innings per game consecutively, such allotment being as set out in Table A attached; and.

b) One (1) pitch in any inning shall be sufficient to constitute an inning pitched for any player

c)The player as pitcher must sit out any inning prior to or immediately following any pitching performance;

d)Any player who pitches five (5) or more innings in a day or game must have two (2) nights rest immediately following the end of the game in which they have pitched.

4.3 Players may play in the catching position subject to these maximums:

a) three (3) not necessarily consecutive innings for Mosquito; and

b)four (4) not necessarily consecutive innings for Pee-Wee; and

c) no maximum for Bantam and Midget.

4.4 Teams shall play with a minimum of:

a)Eight (8) players during a interlock season series game; and where a team plays with eight (8) players there shall not be an automatic out for the ninth (9th) batting position; and

b) Nine (9) players during Mid-Summer Classic Tournament or Championship games.

4.5 In the mosquito, peewee and bantam division all players must play a minimum of one inning in the infield and a minimum of one inning in the outfield.

4.6 Absolutely no head first slides unless returning to a base. If a head first slide does occur the runner will me called out and the ball will be dead

5 Any player not included in the line-up and appearing before the completion of the game may join the game and be placed at the end of the existing batting line-up;

a) From the point where a player joins the game in accordance with 5 c), the requirements of article 4 shall apply in respect of that player from that point forward;

b) Coaches must notify the umpire at the time they become aware of any improper adherence to any fair play rules (Rules 4 and 5). It shall be at the discretion of the umpire to determine if any competitive advantage has been gained by the team failing to meet the fair play rules, and in such cases to restart the game from the point that proper fair play was affected before the start of the next inning.

6 There shall be a “mercy rule”:

a) Five (5) runs per inning maximum score (regardless of what last batter does).

b) Except that there shall be no limit on runs scored in the final regularly scheduled inning. (6 for mosquito and 7 for all other divisions).

c) Extra innings in semi-final and final games in the Mid-Summer Classic or City Championship shall be unlimited runs scored.

d) Ten (10) runs difference after 4 innings (3 1/2 if home is ahead) for Mosquito and 5 innings (4 1/2 if home is ahead) for PeeWee to Midget.

7 Where a team fails consecutively or non-consecutively to show:

a) for two (2) games, the teams’ Coach shall be subject to suspension; and

b) for five (5) games the team shall be disallowed from participating in the City Championships.

c) Any team causing the forfeiting of a game for insufficient players failing to show up for a game shall be responsible for paying umpiring fees and are subject to a $25.00 fine for each game forfeited.

8. Where a team has insufficient players available for league play to meet the minimum required by section 4.4, the team may pick up additional players from your own local association HOUSE LEAGUE divisions below their playing age.

a) where the player selected is pitching, such player must pitch from the distance of the level to which they are called and may only pitch for the total number of innings associated with the level at which they normally play.

b) for regular season play only, where there is no division below the team intending to make the call up, a player may be selected from a team of the same level with a maximum of 10 players on the team.

9. Maximum 3 overage players per team are allowed. In midget play any more than 3 overage players will classify the team as Junior, thus not permitting the team to qualify for Midsummer Tournaments or HDBA Championships.

10.Base distances and Pitching Rubber distances will be as followed:

a)Mosquito - 65 feet for bases and 44 feet to pitching rubber.

b)PeeWee - 75 feet for bases and 50 feet to pitching rubber.

c)Bantam and Midget - 90 bases and 60’-6” to the pitching rubber.

11 In the second game of a doubleheader, the curfew will start at the appointed game time if the first game is finished more than 20

minutes before the game time. If not the curfew will begin at the time of the first pitch.

12. Coaches should wear a park shirt and hat. If coach does not have either he is to identify himself as the coach to the umpires.

13. All players must wear pants and a uniform shirt.

14. All players must wear either a jock or jill.

15. Players must remove all jewellery. (with the exception of medical alert) if earring cannot be removed they must be tapped.

16. All Parks and Affiliate Associations are entitled to have at least one team in each division at the Midsummer Classic Tournament and the H.D.B.A Championships.

17 Bat Restrictions:

a) No bat will be allowed with a barrel diameter greater than 2 3/4”.

b) The HDBA House league does not restrict any bat as to weight to length ratio.

18 Discipline:

.1 Conduct: The house league committee in conjunction with the HDBA recognizes that “sportsmanlike” is one of the basics of competitive sports, which must be emphasized. Local Association executives, players, coaches, managers, umpires, parents and others are all expected to accept their responsibility for acceptable behaviour before, during and after games that are sanctioned by the H.D.B.A. A zero tolerance policy against unsportsmanlike conduct and “Zero Tolerance Policy of the City of Hamilton is emphasized.

.2 Class 1 Ejections: Non-contact incidents (involving players, managers, coaches, trainers or other on field personnel) include but are not limited to: profanity, verbal abuse, gestures, spitting, baiting, etc…not directed at game officials, umpires, opponents, team mates or spectators; or throwing equipment, throwing or kicking of dirt, etc. which is not directed at an individual(s). Violations of the preceding shall be punishable as follows:

a) During any one game:

i) first occurrence – warning and/or ejection

ii) second occurrence – ejection

b) During any one season:

i) 1st ejection in this season – 1 additional game

ii) 2nd ejection in this season – 2 additional games

iii) 3rd ejection in this season – immediate indefinite suspension pending a HDBA Discipline Committee hearing.

.3 Class 2 Ejections: Contact and non-contact incidents (involving players, managers, coaches, trainers or other on field personnel) include but are not limited to: physical touching, fighting, threatening with words or object, spitting*, throwing* of equipment, throwing* or kicking* of dirt, etc. (*which is directed at an individual etc.) between or among game officials, umpires, opponents, team mates or spectators. Any escalation or persistent behaviour that gave rise to a Class 1 Ejection will be treated as class 2 ejections. Violations of the preceding shall be punishable as follows:

i) First occurrence in a game – ejection and immediate indefinite suspension pending a HDBA Discipline Committee hearing.

ii) All suspensions are effective immediately.

4. The onus is upon the player, coach, manager to notify the HDBA House league Interlock Convenor with regards to actions to be taken when an ejection occurs. WHEN IN DOUBT DO NOT PLAY, MANAGER OR COACH!!

5. Conduct while under suspension:

a) Players under indefinite suspension and Coaches, Managers and other non-player player personnel, while under indefinite suspension or fixed game suspensions, shall not be present at the Park during any game being played by their teams.

b) Players while under fixed game suspension must be present on the bench, at the game(s) for the sit out penalties in uniform. If the suspended player is on vacation, ill or absent for another reason, the penalty is not considered to have been served until the player “sits out”. Coaches will notify the opposing team that the player is sitting out a suspension. The player cannot serve in any capacity (base coach, bat boy, etc.) that would require them to leave the dugout or bench.

c) No player can be called up to a higher division or across to a same division team while under suspension. The player must serve suspension in his own division before moving up.

d) If a player is ejected in his last game of the season, he may not participate in any games at any level. Suspension will start next season.

Division Metal Cleats Chin Straps Game Length Pitching Limit Tournament Pitching

7 innings or
2 Hours Curfew

4 innings consecutive maximum

9 innings/day
14 innings/ tournament
5 or more per day 
= 2 nights rest


7 innings or
2 Hours Curfew

5 innings consecutive maximum

9 innings/day
15 innings/ tournament
5 or more per day 
= 2 nights rest

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